The Best Sex Forums of the Year

Sex forums are great and attractive places to hang out with likeminded people, share stories, tips and ideas that can help you improve your sex life. If you are porn lover, then you will love the list of best sex forums of the year we have compiled for you. You can find literally anything regarding sex on the following sex forums so check them out and enjoy using them daily. In all of them you can have some good discussions on many sex topics. You can upload or share your collection of porn, meet some amazing people, and learn something more about things you did not know about before. You will be pleasantly surprised from all things offered at these best sex forums.

This is the #1 forum for snapchat and kik nudes and usernames. There are plenty of members that enjoy free sexting, changing dirty snapchat usernames, sexting pics and videos. There are also categories for Twitch porn, Nude Twitch Streamers, and Gay Snapchat. It is a very large forum with thousands of people constantly online.


At this sex forum you will find all kinds of things relating to porn – pictures and videos for download, amateur photos and videos, porn discussion and gossip and much more. There are thousands of sex threads so you will definitely lose track of time while browsing around and engaging with other members.


This is another popular forum with thousands of members that are online non-stop. It has a very classic interface where you can easily browse through different threads and categories. Besides engaging in discussions, you can also find links for porn movie downloads, sex games, sex stories, amateur images and videos, as well as reviews for sex websites.


There are plenty of different categories, sub-categories and forum threads at this sex forum. Regardless of whether you are looking for sex tips, photos, videos and other things – there is everything at this sex forum.


This is very attractive looking sex forum frequented by people from all over the globe. There are thousands of threads and sub-categories where you can chat, share things or just watch images and videos. Members are very active and here you will find plenty quality stuff for any taste. No matter whether you are looking for softcore porn chat or hardcore porn videos – Porn BB offers everything you can imagine.

These were just some of the many great sex forums available out there. We put these on the list based on their quality, things offered and number of members that contribute. Check them if you have not done so before and enjoy everything they have to offer.

Why do Guys Like Amateur Porn

The porn production today is in full swing, constantly creating and providing consumers with new types of porn. Virtually all porn genres and sub-genres are covered so there is something good for everyone. No matter what your sexual desires and fetishes are, you will certainly find it online. Despite the plenty of choices available when it comes to porn, it seems that most guys enjoy watching amateur porn. This type of porn has been very popular in the recent years and new clips, movies and videos are created every day. Snapchat has been in the forefront of amateur porn with models using the subscription model for premium and private snap accounts.  An example is SnapperBabes which features multiple models for the price of one.  Even regular people now can make a porno and sell it online for people to watch and arouse themselves. Before we get deeper into the reasons why do guys like amateur porn, we should first examine the things that are most attractive regarding amateur porn.

Why Amateur Porn Is Often Regarded As Best

            Amateur porn is attractive because it gets out of the typical frame for porn movies. Most guys like to see ordinary people like them in the porn movies and not superficial, strong figures with perfect bodies. Amateur porn also has some plot attached to it and there is usually a nice storyline going on in comparison to other types of porn which are usually straight to the point. Besides that, amateur porn also comes with some emotion to it because it involves regular people with feelings. Maybe this type of porn is not that real after all, but it gives sense that is real to the regular guys.

            In amateur porn there are no perfect shots, perfect lighting and perfect bodies, which is one of the reasons why many people like them. Often these videos are shoot in people`s homes, offices or student dorms, which makes people relate to them. That can be highly arousing to some and that is why more and more guys prefer watching amateur porn over other types. This type of porn proved to be major success in the recent years so now many big porn production companies are starting to make such movies for their consumers.

            There are many more other reasons why amateur porn is best and why do guys like it, but these were the main ones. Explore the world of amateur porn and you will see how exciting it is. Not only you will get to watch regular people enjoying steamy sex, but you will certainly arouse yourself to orgasm.

What Goes into Making a Perfect Porno

Making porno is not as easy as many people believe it is. It requires patience and discipline as often making a perfect porn movie requires working for days, non-stop. Truth is that we get to see the final package that looks great online, but there are incredibly many details that need to be covered before we see the final product. If you’re an impatient person, want the real thing, check out this fuck site called Free Fuck App. Its rated the #1 free fuckbook on the web!

What Is Involved In Making Porn

            You do not get to see it, but there are plenty of people working behind the scene when making an actual porn clip or video. Even shortest porn movies require many hours of work on and off the screen. Main point is that porno movie directors are not rushing anything. When making their movies they take things slow and pay attention to smallest details that go into making the porno.

            Sometimes porn actors are not in the mood for having sex or require some boost before they get aroused, which can drag on filming as well. There are specialized experts behind the scenes that work with them and provide them with everything they need in order for filming to go smoothly and without problems. Sometimes they provide them with sex toys so the porn actors will get properly aroused and play a little bit before getting into full focus and mood for filming.

            Porn directors are also making plans about the porno way ahead before it is actually filmed. They usually work closely with porn movie writers to create a plot that will make the porno interesting and attractive. After all, watching just plain sex on camera gets boring rather quickly, so directors and writers are creating some scenario that will be interesting for the viewers. Usually role-play porno movies are the most attractive as they boost the fantasy of the viewers and get them aroused.

            Finally, in order to make a perfect porno, someone has to have high quality cameras, use and adjust proper lighting, find the perfect angles for shooting and at the end – edit the porn video into watchable porno movie. This is probably the hardest part of making a perfect porno. Sure, today you can make a porno with your smartphone camera, but perfect porno movies require very strong cameras of highest quality that will make the movie look great. Lighting is also very important because without it you cannot fully enjoy the movie. Finding the best shooting angles are a must, which is why there are usually a few cameras rolling in when making high quality porno movies.

            Editing the porno movie is the slowest and most demanding thing to do after the porn movie is completed because it requires long work hours before everything gets perfected. Some parts need to be cut, some need to be shortened and something has to be done in order for the porno to look perfect at the end. All of this shows that making a perfect porno is not easy and only the best can do it.

The Best Adult Industry Blogs

There are a lot of different adult industry blogs out there. But which ones are the best? We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 adult industry blogs, based on traffic, content, and overall influence.

What Are the Most Popular Adult Industry Blogs That I Should Follow?

There is no one definitive answer to this question as the porn industry is a highly fluid and constantly evolving field, but some of the most popular adult industry blogs include The Daily Dot, AVN Media Network, and Xbiz. These blogs offer up a wealth of information on the industry and its players, from news and reviews to interviews and product announcements. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just getting started in the world of adult entertainment, these blogs are a must-read. You might also want to check some adult forum lists that we have compiled.

Our Top 5 Adult Industry Blogs Recommendation

1. XBiz

Xbiz is an adult industry blog that covers the latest news, reviews, and trends in the adult entertainment industry. The blog is dedicated to helping its readers learn about the latest products and services available in the adult entertainment industry, as well as providing advice and tips on how to improve their business. 

2. Adult DVDTalk

Adult DVD Talk is one of the most popular adult industry blogs on the web. The blog also offers its readers tips and advice on how to improve their business in the adult entertainment industry.

3. AVN

AVN is one of the most influential adult industry blogs out there. The blog was founded in 1997 and has since become one of the most popular sources for news, reviews, and insights on the adult entertainment industry. AVN is also home to the annual AVN Awards, which are considered to be the Oscars of the adult entertainment world.

4. Fleshbot

Fleshbot is one of the most popular adult industry blogs on the web. The blog focuses on providing its readers with up-to-date news, reviews, and insights into the adult entertainment industry. Fleshbot also offers its readers tips and advice on how to improve their business in the adult entertainment industry, like on how to make the perfect porno and others.

5. Jezebel 

Jezebel is a blog that covers the adult industry. It has a large following and is considered one of the most reputable sources for news and information in the industry. 

Final Words

The adult entertainment industry is fascinating and full of surprises. These blogs offer a unique perspective on life and work in the industry. Thanks for reading!

Why Porn Is So Popular, Especially for Millennials

The millennial generation is notoriously disconnected. They are more interested in the things that don’t require them to leave their seat to do, like their phones, their laptop, and their TV. They are less likely to get caught up in the funk of real-world relationships, and they are more likely to seek out sexual gratification through porn.

Handsome young athletic man with bare torso and sexy young woman in black lingerie are kissing and hugging before having a sex

As we are in the 21st century approaches, it is important to recognize that the culture we are leaving behind us is not going to stay the same forever. New generations are coming into play, and the people who are coming up with these new generations are the millennials. The millennials are people who have been living through the 21st century so far, and even though they are young, they are experiencing what the old generations have been through. Millennials are a generation of people born between 1982 and 2000, depending on exactly when you were. They are the first group to be called “Millennial,” and they are also known as “Digital Natives.” They are often referred to as “Generation Y” or “born between 1985 and 2000”. But Why are millennials into adult videos?

With the presence of technology like smartphones, people have lots of privileges to scroll or scan the internet world. Thus, the millennials. Out of curiosity, more millennials are trying to search for porn videos and visit some porn sites to watch them. With so many porn sites and things to be seen and read on the internet, we cannot hide the fact that they have the chance to look or watch for it.

The term “millennial” has become a hotly contested topic in recent years, and with good reason. It’s a demographic that encompasses those born between the early 1980s and the early 2000s—people who grew up in an era of free-flowing information, instant access to the world, and a rapidly changing economy. Those that identify as a millennial can often be found in the workplace, where they need to adapt to the rapid changes in technology and business strategy.

The Best Sex Toys of 2019

Sex toys have been popular items in people`s lives since forever and year 2019 is no different. Exciting new toys are constantly coming out on the market, which makes it tough to pick the best of the best. However, we have compiled a list of top sex toys of 2019, so check them out and give them a try if you have not done it before. Here they are.

  • Pleasure Ring

The Pleasure Ring is very attractive sex toy, loved by many couples worldwide. If you are an adventurous type that wants to experiment in sex games, we advise you to try the Pleasure Ring. It is ideal toy for beginners and those that want to start spicing up their sex life. It works by placing it on the base of the penis, giving extra vibrations during the sexual intercourse. It is made of waterproof silicone so you can enjoy having sex while in the shower.

  • E-Stimulator Wand

This sex toy is perfect for strengthening the pelvic muscles, which in turn will provide you with more intense orgasms. It works by contracting the muscles for you, so you will tone up without doing much work. The E-Stimulator Wand is a vibrating device so you can pleasure yourself will doing kegel exercises. That is two-in-one, so if you fancy a healthy lifestyle and want to combine pleasure and exercise then this is the popular sex toy to get.

  • Vibrating Panties

Gaming is trendy and popular among all generations today, so sex toy manufacturers decided to capitalize on that and provide the customers something exciting to play with. These unique Vibrating Panties are thrilling way for spicing up sex life. They are now made with latest technology which makes them fun to play. You can use remote control to tease your partner and make her orgasm.

  • Pave Grace Vibrator

Vibrators have always been trendy sex toys and are now becoming even more attractive. This Vibrator looks and feels great, and it is not just a sex toy but it is a fashionable item as well. Trendy, effective, elegant and sexy – what more can you ask from a vibrator?

  • Masturbators

These sex toys are made for men and round up the list of best sex toys for 2019. We all know that guys masturbate a lot so with these masturbators they will enjoy even more. Men today are more aware of their sexuality and more open to experiment with sex toys in comparison to previous generations. These Masturbators have vibrating sleeve which is perfect for solo masturbation play, but couples can also use them as part of their foreplay before proceeding towards having sex.