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We want to engage our guests in an entirely different restaurant experience from what they used to receive. With a high edge market like New York, we have learned that being yourself no matter what cost is a value that our guests appreciate. Thus, we are striving to that goal – establishing our restaurant’s reputation in a way that will reminiscence a strong identity.

Restaurant experience is not just about the food, although we keep our bars high when it comes to the menu. We use innovative ways to combine the real ingredients into meals that are distinguishable and fresh. The quality of ingredients is of utmost importance to us – that’s the way we build trust with our guests. You’ll always know what you’re eating and who prepared it for you.

That’s right – we like to keep things personal. We appreciate the relationship, the emotion, the experience of anything else there could be. Our motto is “Making someone worth coming is a ticket to heaven.” Still trying to earn one!

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